man standing beside of black SUV

Why the smart money is on renting roof boxes in 2021

Due to ongoing restrictions on overseas travel, more than ever, families are looking to spend their holidays within the UK. Many are turning to holiday rentals or camping, but how do you make sure you can take all your essential packing with you when most family cars are just big enough for the school run?

Renting a roof box is the answer. Buying a roof box can be a significant financial expense, not only do you need to buy the box but you also need roof bars as well. Not only that, but you need to find space to store the roofbox when you are not using it.

Roofbox rentals are a cost effective solution to gaining extra storage space for your next road trip or family holiday. On average they will more than double the luggage capacity of most family vehicles, providing a convenient, affordable, and safe solution to carrying your extra luggage.

Many companies around the UK rent our roof boxes and roof bars. One way to find a local company would be to use Google to search for “roof box rental {your location}” or “{your location} roof box hire”.

You could also check out our list of roof box rental companies, coming very soon.